Exclusive Track Premiere: Adiam – Dark Lake! Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem) Remix

#FridaySound! KALTBLUT is proud to host the ADIAM – Dark Lake – Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem) Remix. ADIAM and Tyler Pope met via mutual friends from L.A. in Berlin. For his remix of Dark Lake Pope, who has been a long-time member of such iconic electronic and dance punk bands such as Out Hud, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and LCD Soundsystem, created an indie rendition of the song with a cool electronic dancehall beat. 

Adiam EP “Dark Lake” out October 23rd.  SpotifyiTunes

Dark Lake – Mood Video
Equally dark and uplifting in both word and sound,Dark Lakeis another example of ADIAM’s highly atmospheric and alluring musical universe. Here multiple layers of sound come together, creating a unique at times even dub-inspired sonic scape that is distinguished by an interplay of continuity and abrupt changes in style and tone. ADIAM’s seemingly levitating voice in combination with the song’s minimal yet dominant base pulse generate a gravitational pull of downright hypnotic power. The recurrent mantra-like chorus ofDark Lake(„Don’t be afraid of losing. Everything will come back to you“) only adds to the spheric attraction of the song. It tells a tale of facing one’s own fears and still move forward.Dark Lakereminds us that the presence of fear means that something is about to change, and that with change comes opportunity: „The one thing that I am learning while I am burning. Fear is a flame that washes everything.“

Eritrean-Swedish singer and songwriter ADIAM ingeniously mixes rugged post-punk and hip hop attitude, electronic radiance, intelligent pop songwriting, and distinctively soulful R&B vocals to a unique musical amalgam of equally subversive and seductive authority. ADIAM’s charismatic gritty-cool voice, her memorable harmonies, combined with her often deeply personal, dark lyrics and TV on the Radio’ Dave Sitek’s (TV On The Radio,Yeah YeahYeahs, Santigold,Little Dragonuvm.)  masterful arrangements and experimental production thereby create a unpredictable and unrivaled signature sound.