Exclusive Video Premiere: AMORAL by ZACHOV

KALTBLUT Magazine presents “AMORAL by ZACHOV”. A subtle piece of animation directed by the Belgian collective PATRØN (Patricia Ghijsens and Roën Trìgvuè). Confronting iconographic worlds as a layers of reality, Amoral describes Zachov’s lonely journey through the landscapes of his fantastic home: Zachovstan. Expending music into art, the poetic land of Zachovstan was presented in Antwerp as a collective exhibition that featured drawings and an enigmatic lexicon.

AMORAL is the first single of ZACHOV’s album ÜBER ICH out today on the Berliner label Blankrecords, a beautiful electronic sound adventure produced in partnership with BAUMONT (Mercury/Gomma). Stay tuned for the up coming remix to come by BAUMON and Matthias Grübel (Audiobulb Records).