Explore the World Through the Art of Mixology with NIO Cocktails

With the beautiful weather, dreams of spring and summer trips are becoming a reality. Travel enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike can now merge their passions with NIO Cocktails’ innovative and tastefully curated collections. Whether you’re dreaming of the vineyards of France, the unique landscapes of Japan, or the enchanting canals of Venice, these bespoke cocktails bring a piece of the world to your glass. Get inspired and embark on a mixology journey with NIO Cocktails.

Postcards from France

Inspired by the wine-growing and distillation traditions that highlight four impressive regions of France, these four exclusive cocktails capture the unique spirit of a country rich in tradition, history, and beauty: Le Parisien, Étoile du Sud, Chant de la Mer, Normandie Rouge

Postcards from Japan

NIO Cocktails takes you to tradition-rich Japan with a special box of four exclusive cocktails, where a millennia-old culture meets the flavours of its territory. This collection features four unique cocktails with special flavours of the land: Hokkaido Glory, Hokkaido Pleasure, Karayoshi Heritage, Okinawa Pure Beauty niococktails.de/products/box-postcards-from-japan

Postcards from Venice

NIO Cocktails creates four exclusive cocktails to celebrate various locales and moments of the ancient history of the Serenissima: the origins, the art of sailing, the charm, and the future: Laguna, Arsenale, Le Calli di Casanova, Cannaregio

Postcards from Hawaii

After enchanting us with the tastes of Venice, France, and Japan, NIO Cocktails has unveiled a new delectable destination. With summer just a heartbeat away, there’s no better flavour to savour than the symphony of crashing waves, azure skies, and pristine sandy beaches intertwined with tropical notes. Embark on a flavorful journey to paradise with our new Hawaiian-inspired cocktails.

This 4th edition of the Postcards Collection is another stellar pillar in our Ready-to-Share High Mixology Series. Share the summer’s delights with four exquisite cocktails in a beautifully designed box, each narrating its own unique story. Or indulge yourself and transform your home into a serene mini-vacation with these vibrant concoctions! niococktails.de/products/postcards-from-hawaii

WAKIKI – A zesty Mai Tai, paying homage to the classic from Honolulu.

KAHALA – A spicy Mango Margarita, a tribute to the chic Kahala Beach with Tequila, Mango, and a sweet chilli kick.

SANDY – Where Italy meets Hawaii, featuring a tropical pineapple and mango twist on the classic Negroni.

LANIKAI – Meaning “heavenly ocean,” Lanikai is the final stop, inspiring a unique tropical cocktail.