Eye to I by David Lindesay

A KALTBLUT exclusive. David Lindesay is a photographer from Canberra, Australia. In his practice, he investigates materiality, masculinity, and beauty through medium-format film photography using his 1979 Hasselblad 500C/M. Lindesay uses his work to play with the roles of the photographer, the subject, and the audience, as well as reveal parts of the making process that are more conventionally concealed.

In this series, Eye to I, Lindesay worked with the models Felippe Canale and Kuda Sungano to create these accompanied self-portraits. The series plays with the roles of the artist, the model, and the camera, and their mirrored reflection actively occupy the space. The mechanical and chemical processes of creating the photograph are revealed through the constant visibility of the shutter-release cable as well as the imperfections on the surface of the film. This visibility of the process reminds us that photographs exist as physical objects at the end of creation.

Photography by David Lindesay / www.davidlindesay.com / Instagram: @david.lindesay
Models are Felippe Canale/ Instagram: @felippe.canale and Kuda Sungano Instagram: @kudoskuda