F.E.A.R – forget everything and run

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and editorial. Photographer and Director Adria Fabregat captured Jacob James and Sveva Campese from Berta Models. Styling by Daniel Vallet. Make up and hair by Cristina Valdivia. Camera and Edit by Miguel Ferres and Omar Admirable. Music by ParanoidRealm.

“This work focuses on the emotion we have experienced all these last months of wanting to escape, from home, from the country and even in some cases from the situation. We have all gone through difficult times and we have considered the fictitious possibility of escaping to improve our environment. That’s what this series is about.

To capture all this great emotion, I have decided to make a series of photographs where this spirit of tension and peace is captured, with styles from designers and brands that are very elegant and sophisticated for the occasion. I also wanted to adapt the series in audiovisual format, that’s why we have made, together with my team, a great fashion film totally aesthetic, accompanied by a theme composed by an electronic artist composer, ParanoidRealm.”*Adria Fabregat

Suit: Llamazares y Delgado Accessories: Cartier Shoes: Del Rio
Jumpsuit: Fernando Alberto Atellier Shoes: Üterque
Clock: Gucci

Sveva Jumpsuit: Luis Pacheco Make Up: 3Ina Makeup
Jacob Shirt: Luisa de España Trousers: Llamazares y Delgado

Full outfit: Corina Plus Irina Shoes: Del Rio
Dress: Corina Plus Irinia Shoes: Pilar Burgos Necklace: Fernando Rodriguez

Models are Jacob James @byjacobjames
Sveva Campese @bertamodels.sveva
Agency Berta Models @bertamodels
Photographer and Director Adria Fabregat @adriafabregat
Styling by Daniel Vallet @danvallet
Camera and Edit by Miguel Ferres @imchelo and Omar Admirable @omaradmirable
Make up and hair by Cristina Valdivia @cristinaavaldivia
Assistant Maria Rey @mariapsrh
Music by ParanoidRealm @paranoidrealm
Special thanks to: NN press, Marc Juan Comunicación, Llamazares y Delgado, @landroverkb4