Faces, Phases & Metal Magma

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Birk Alisch. The model is Haz Lou signed at Modelwerk. 3D & Art Direction by Noah Osarenren. „Faces, Phases & Metal Magma“ came about as a personal project of Birk Alisch and Noah Osarenren as their first attempt to fuse their respective work methods and distinct mediums.

The theme of this work was primarily identity and how the self is often a product of the individual’s environment. The individual is a mirror, but also an occlusion of parts of that environment in a sense. 
Consciously or unconsciously, one may mirror or imitate one’s surroundings in certain ways to find themself and reject entirely other parts. A shiny amorphous mirror warping and taking shape as the individual. 

This project was done with the help of photography, 3D sculpting, and 3D scanning.

Photography by Birk Alisch / www.birkalsich.com / Instagram: @birkalsich
The model is Haz Lou signed at Modelwerk / Instagram: @haz.luu
3D & Art Direction by Noah Osarenren / Instagram: @noahosarenren

Birk Alisch is a German-born, Berlin-based photographer with works in the field of fashion and portrait photography. In his work, he aims for a natural and intimate image language.

Noah Osarenren is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary digital Artist. Through futuristic and otherworldly imagery they aim to display the alien perceptual nature as the „other“. Often using various reference points like their Nigerian German background they conjure fantastical worlds and characters.