Famous Weed Nuns feature on Problemas’ video for ‘Weed Sex TV’

LA-based Problemas teams up with rapper Nesta and New Age nuns Sisters of the Valley for ‘Weed Sex TV’. A divine mixture of pop, punk and hip-hop, the debut single is an apathetic response to the newcomer’s love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. Directed by Jacki Huntington and Jing Niu, the video features the toxic-haired Problemas weaving through the streets on her board and sharing a smoky ritual with the famous Weed Nuns. Sometimes we get exhausted and need a little breather from our lives, so why not enjoy the simplest of resolutions: weed, sex and a TV break.

“Weed Sex TV is a song about being exhausted with one’s own goals and feeling very isolated from your scene and evolution. Underneath it all is about being okay with one’s pace and accepting your constant uncertain direction,” says Problemas on the single.