Federico Protto Fall/Winter 2019-20 – MUSES 2019

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT – Sangue Novo! May I introduce you to the winner of the ModaLisboa Award for Best International Designer: Federico Protto! He was the designer of Sangue Novo distinguished with the ModaLisboa Award, which guarantees him the presentation of his next collection on the Workstation platform, in the next edition of ModaLisboa.

Once again the young designer presented an outstanding new collection! Photos by Ugo Camera

Federico Protto is a fashion designer and artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. His oeuvre consists of a combination of various alternative presentation methods combining fashion design, art, styling, costume design, music performances, theory, and interdisciplinary projects.

Thus his vision is a symbiosis between all different aspects of creative freedom, rejecting the conventional processes of the fashion industry and stepping into all the fields of the spectrum, he strengthens the bond between the Dasein as young fashion designers in the 21st century and reality.

Federico Protto graduated from University of Applied Arts, Vienna, in 2017, under the professorship of Hussein Chalayan and Bernhard Willhelm.

He worked for Michael Sontag, Berlin, Hildur Yeoman, Iceland and Marques’Almeida, London.