Femme Dreams

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and film. Photography by Francesco Acri. Creative Direction and Styling Morgan Dildar. Production Manager by Francesca Papi. Models are Gian Marco Montesi aka Gorgeous Gian Gucci and Emiliano Perazzini aka Gorgeous Mina Gucci. Make Up by Sofia Pedrazzoli. Hair by Magdalena Graczyk. Set Designer is Giulia Berardi. Drone Operator is Davide Destito. Video Editing by Mirko Zandarin. Music by Protopapa.

“I am Morgan Dildar, I am 27 years old, I was born in Rome, Italy. I graduated from the IED Desing and Fashion European School, and I started my journey one year ago. During this time I have primarily been working on my fashion projects, which have been published on different online magazines such as ShubaMagazine, FlewidBook, MoevirParis. Furthermore, I was Mirko De Propris’ fashion assistant in three different projects of him: a social campaign for LiuJo, an editorial for Fucking Young magazine (where we shoot Lorenzo Zurzolo, a Netflix Italian tv series actor), and also for the October Issue of L’Officiel Malaysia (occasion in which we had the opportunity to shoot Federico Spinas).
Before being a Stylist, I am a Visual Merchandiser for H&M since 5 years, and I do believe that working there has been the trigger for my passion, which has been growing especially thanks to the Ballroom scene. I am a voguer since two years and thanks to the scene I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet different people and different people’s art and culture, the thing that has helped me building and developing my fashion sense.
I am a member of the House of Gorgeous Gucci, an international House founded in the United States, together with the two models and the producer of the video’s music, Protopapa.
This is why I decided to design this project, called “Femme Dreams”. This project talks about the hidden female part of a small city boy, Prince Gorgeous Gian Gucci, grown in a society in which diversity is not accepted at all. A gay boy who tries to achieve his dreams through voguing and ballroom, and thanks to it, embracing every aspect of himself, especially his femininity, represented by the other model, Gorgeous Mina Gucci. The ballroom community has been helping LGBTQI+ people achieving their dreams, giving these discriminated people the opportunity to live since it’s born in the USA, “Free and Timeless”, as Prince Gian Gucci would say.”

Photography by Francesco Acri / francescoacri.com / Instagram: @francescoacriph
Creative Direction and Styling Morgan Dildar / Instagram: @dildarmorgan
Production Manager by Francesca Papi / Instagram: @papi.effe.erre
Make Up by Sofia Pedrazzoli / Instagram: @madame.soph
Hair by Magdalena Graczyk / Instagram: @magdalena.graczyk
Models are Gian Marco Montesi aka Gorgeous Gian Gucci / Instagram: @iam_g_gian
Emiliano Perazzini aka Gorgeous Mina Gucci / Instagram: @mina.ggucci.louboutin
Set Designer is Giulia Berardi / Instagram: @giuliaberardi
Assistant Photographer is Edoardo Verduchi / Instagram: @edoardo_verduchi_ph
Assistant Hair is Linda Carpino / Instagram: @lindaacarpino
Assistant is Filippo Vincenzo Spaltro / Instagram: @filoooooo

Video Credits

Drone Operator is Davide Destito / Instagram: @davi_dr.one
Video Editing by Mirko Zandarin / Instagram: @mirkozanda
Music by Protopapa / Instagram: @protopapa

Brands are:
Dazzle / Instagram: @dazzle.zexianliu
Andrea Grossi / Instagram: @andreagrossi__
Lucia Odescalchi Jewels / Instagram: @luciaodescalchi
Indigeno Jewels / Instagram: @indigenojewels