Femme En Fourrure release self-empowering anthem ‘So Good At This’

Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure, comprised of Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin, return to 2017 with a new single ‘So Good At This’, continuing the story of last year’s ‘Creepers’. ‘So Good At This’ is a duet between FEF and Russian-born, Helsinki based, CSCN label signee vivienxo. It is a haunting anthem about self-empowerment and coming face to face with discrimination.

‘So Good At This ft. vivienxo’ is a call to arms against in the combat to defeat prejudice based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs or any other form of intolerance. Femme En Fourrure explore the fight against misogyny and gender inequality in their latest video. ‘So Good At This’ is a protest anthem about self-empowerment and equal rights for all.