Férula Placebo by Andrés Marti

KALTBLUT presents Férula Placebo by Andrés Marti, an Artist / Photographer from Colombia based in Spain. The model is Ezra. Light by David Sierra. Attendees by Martin Phillips & Adriana Rosell.

“Gender expression and identity are unequivocally linked to the clothes and accessories that we choose to present ourselves to the world. This work is based on an investigation of what it means to be queer, about identity and its relationship with expression through clothing.

It explores the relationship that some queer people have with certain pieces of clothing or accessories and analyzes this process and finishes with a performative photographic work that includes the photographic record of abstract sculptures built based on the deconstruction of textile patterns, and the relationship with the human body. Through this photographic work, we want to show a connection between the creation of identity and the use of clothing.”


Photography and Clothing Sculpture by Andres Marti / andresmarti.onfabrik.com / Instagram: @6marti6 / @andresmarti_studio
Model is Ezra / Instagram: @ezra.mal
Light by David Sierra / Instagram: @davidsierra_
Attendees by Martin Phillips & Adriana Rosell / Instagram: @martinphelipe /@r_o_s_e_l _l