Fetish by the Hype – By Luis Ayora

Luis Ayora is a 23 years old photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.
 In his work, Ayora uses creative intuition, photographic error, and other techniques in order to generate the images that he wants so he can tell a story in a more transcendent way, running away from the classic conception of this genre.

” Today we are at a time when luxury brands are going viral because of their shift in strategy to a new, younger audience. This has made the new consumers want first and foremost the new collections and collaborations with limited editions, which make them relics of the new fashion, making the retails catch stratospheric prices. Likewise, this editorial emerges from this new desire, combining classic fetishes like podophilia with brands that currently have Hype.”


Photographer is Luis Ayora
Instagram: @iamluisayora

Stylist is
Pedro Perez
Instagram: @pe_perez

Set designer is Rita Orlova
Instagram: @oh.margart