Film Premiere: Adriana – Hell Beings

When the personal hell is put to film. New release from Adriana. Hell Beings is the new fashion film from Adriana; the crossover mixed-media artist whose previous collaborations include Oscar de la Renta and Vogue Australia. Inspired by the German Expressionist movement, the short film explores the concept of personal hells and the Buddhist belief that any hell is escapable, but everyone must find their own way out. / / Youtube

Already a renowned fashion and art director, in 2015 Adriana followed her passion to write and perform music; a bid that was cut short due to a crushing personal experience within the industry.

The incident left Adriana in deep depression and the belief that a career in music was over. Instead, as she healed, Adriana decided to eschew the industry and bring her passions of film, fashion and music together.

And so the artist began creation on Hell Beings. Shot in rough aesthetic and thick broad strokes, the film deals with themes of entrapment and the dying of the light. Completed in late 2019 and nominated over Istanbul Fashion Film festival, Adriana hopes the film may act as a trigger for others to discuss their mental health issues and begin the journey towards healing.

Video Credits:
Production Company: Black Rabbit @blackrabbitint
Director: Wojtek Jeżowski @komaneq
Creative Director: Adriana Krawcewicz @adrianaillustration
Dop: Łukasz Suchocki @suchockilukasz
VFX: Waju Studio @blackrabbitint Krzysztof Rozworowski, Artur Szatałowicz
Stylists: Barbara Klekowska @barbarakle Joanna Załęska @joanna_zaleska_
Make Up: Kamila Jankowska @hellokama
Producer: Wojtek Jeżowski @komaneq Adriana Krawcewicz @adrianaillustration
Production Manager: Monika Bartoszewicz @milady_inkonkurencja
Animation: Waju Studio @wajustudio Krzysztof Rozworowski, Daniel Suliborski, Jakub Windak, Kseniia Chelpan, Iryna Yarovets
Graphics & Art Direction: Adriana Krawcewicz @adrianaillustration
Post Production: Black Rabbit @blackrabbitint Waju Studio @wajustudio
Photography: Mariusz Tokajuk