Film Premiere: babydirectors x Betty Fvck

“Femininty has no business with gender. It is a way of doing things, a way of behaving and living” This is a short video essay, portraying the drag and burlesque Artist Betty Fvck, exploring the concept of gender and the sense of femininity. Directed, produced and filmed by babydirectors. Photography by Anil Ayhan. Music composition by Nick Lapien. Sound Design by Julian Holzapfel. Colours by Agustin Melfi. Brands used are:
Lui Trash and Perlensau.

Directed and shot by babydirectors / / Instagram: @babydirectors
Model / @bettyfvck
Edited by Elliot Sindall / @shimbul
Photography by Anil Ayhan / @anlayhnn
Music composition by Nick Lapien / @studiolapien
Sound Design by Julian Holzapfel
Colours by Agustin Melfi / @agustinmelfi
Titles by Anthony Panie / @mwrttt



Brands used are:
Lui Trash / @lui.trash
Perlensau / @perlensau