A Review! “On Friday the 3rd of February, we hosted the closing party of Copenhagen Fashion Week, celebrating the beginning of a new era for FINE CHAOS, with the event called FINE CHAOS ‘BORN EXTINCT’ PARTY. The turnout was astonishing, and we received an incredible amount of support from people. The range of the people engaging stemmed from different communities at all locations. This was the first exploratory experience into the multiple-seasoned long theme, which shall be concluded in the S/S24 runway show.”

all analog photos by @annemariespicker

Upon stepping out of the 30-meter queue, people were immediately immersed in a universe of visual art installations, underground, experimental electronic music, and an atmosphere captivating it all within a singular inclusive environment.

The curation emerging, underground DJs, installation art, venue and much more were curated to represent one main storyline, ‘The Tale of Contradicting Realities’. This tale, thematically enveloping the upcoming collection for the brand, is created as a future hypothetical scenario, represented in
a contradictory state of post-apocalypse and hyper-futurism.

Here, technology has evolved to a high point in which nature almost has gone extinct, referring back to the event itself, ‘Born Extinct’. The ‘Born Extinct’ is the first stage of The Tale of Contradicting Realities, with the name, an oxymoron, representing the difficult duality of technology
& nature, which leads the people of the story to a state of despair and social division. The despair in the scenario is musically portrayed by fusing hyper futuristic electronic music & techno by DJ’s resident rave DJs, together with barbaric-like electronic-fusion rock by artist Gordon.Zola.

Furthermore, the theme in itself was showcased in a mass of art installations, psychedelic visuals, and holographic displays, visible through the masses of people furiously dancing. With more than 500 participants during the night and a never-ending queue, the event was the first of a series of events, campaigns and collections over the next season – each part portraying a different stage of The Tale of Contradicting Realities, to be collectively fused together at the FINE CHAOS’ runway show by the summer – ‘Conclusion’.

The crowd was a mix of local artists, people within the FINE CHAOS environment, and anyone else wanting to participate – as representing an inclusive social environment is one of the core values of FINE CHAOS. Diverse universes and origins – whether physical, mental, or spiritual – are where FINE CHAOS takes the point of departure, where the community seeks to embrace all; regardless of sexuality, gender, appearance, ethnicity, religion, and overall diversity.

FINE CHAOS is an emerging androgynous fashion brand based in the heart of Copenhagen, established in 2021. 

Founded by Marc C. Møllerskov, FINE CHAOS seeks to push the boundaries of the brand itself by embracing the duality of the coming generation – one in which rebellion and the art of expression meet. Manoeuvring the balance between ‘FINE’ and ‘CHAOS’, uncovering the balance between the two aspects of its single universe, the oxymoron describes the vision of the brand – and how objects in the everchanging, modern society can be perceived in divergent ways. This vision is sought to be represented everywhere within its universe – connecting experiences and art to the pieces created by the fashion label.