First Light – An Ethereal Beach Photoshoot

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Rami Diablo is a self-taught photographer, photoshop, and tattoo artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The model is Jenny Shane. His artistic inspiration comes from everything around him, from people to sounds, smells, and general ideas.

With a passion for drawing since childhood, he works collaboratively with his clients to create stunning visuals that push the boundaries of his craft. Rami Diablo counts leading musicians, publications, and movie companies among his valued clients in Israel.

Jenny Shane is a former model who began her career in high school but ultimately decided to pursue a college education and a career in high tech as a project manager. However, her passion for modelling never faded and recently, she found the drive to pursue modelling again and step back in front of the lens.

Rami and Jenny have been friends for the past two decades and recently decided to embark on a project together. This marks their first collaboration.

Photography by Rami Diablo / / Instagram: @ramidiablo
The model is Jenny Shane / Instagram: @jenny_shane