Fissura – An audiovisual poem by Lais Vieira and Jero Cerezo

KALTBLUT presents Fissura! An audiovisual poem that symbolizes the process of individual change that life often requires of us. After two years of a pandemic, no one came out intact. We are full of cracks. The question now is what can grow between the fissures? Art direction and poem by Lais Vieira. Cinematography and editing by Jero Cerezo.

The poem evokes the sensitivity to transform emptiness into a fertile space where the new can grow and life can bloom again. The original audio is in Portuguese and has English subtitles.


Suddenly I break,
misfit pieces of me,
I am not the same anymore

I face the void and throw the body
I go deep

After all, there where the danger lies
also grows that which can save me

It’s only then that new blooms arise from between the cracks
another ecosystem filling the fissure

Sewing the shards
decorating the absence
and telling me

To accept, to proceed
the path is a river and the waters reign
and the end has a pact with the beginning

Gunpowder and breath

Courage, my dear, courage.

Art direction and poem by Lais Vieira / / Instagram: @laisssvieiraaa
Cinematography and editing by Jero Cerezo / / Instagram: @jero.cerezo

Lais Vieira is a creative art director born in Brazil and based in Barcelona, where she met Jero Cerezo, a Spanish cinematographer. Together they share sensitivities and express themselves through
photography and video.