FKA twigs – Glass & Patron

Presented by the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, FKA twigs has blown us away again by directing and starring in her own video – “Glass & Patron”. This is the first sign of an EP that is to be released some time later this year. Vague, yes, but we’ll just have to wait and watch FKA twigs pull some shapes in the meantime. Serious shapes. I mean, good Lord, so much bending, I’m surprised there’s no snap.

A recorded version of this song first made its appearance during the Google Glass “concept film” that starred our favourite girl, remember that? Possibly the only person who could pull off those ridiculously high-tech goggles. Before they decided to halt production anyway. Moving swiftly on, I’m just going to watch FKA twigs give birth to endless multicoloured silk scarves, embedded with topless male dancers for the tenth time today.

You can order her current LP here:

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