FLOSS releases “Floss Like A Boss” remixes on new Remix EP “Mix it Up!”

Out July 31st ++ Debut EP coming this fall

After dropping her seductively sweet-toothed theme song & video “Floss Like A Boss” earlier this summer, FLOSS now releases the Remix EP “Mix it up!”, including five new versions of the track. Ranging from a hypnotic acid bass rave soundtrack to Frenchy glitch melodies, they will certainly make club goers happy this year.

FLOSS invited her brother and DJ Beebee Schmus, Caroline 3516 (they produced „Earth to Santa (I Am My Own Gift)“) as well as DJs Flo.Von, Marco-Antonio and Max Metzinger to add their very own secret ingredients to „Floss Like A Boss“. The visual feast is also taken care of: remix music videos will continue telling the story of FLOSS and her friends partying ecstatically like they won Willy Wonka’s Golden ticket. Another remix by Tim Klein will be available exclusively on Soundcloud.

Based in Berlin since 2018, FLOSS used to work in fashion, designing for e.g. Jeremy Scott in L.A. and JC de Castelbajac in Paris, until she found her true calling. “Floss Like A Boss” is the first single off her upcoming debut EP (out this fall).


Beebee Schmus:

Video Credits
Producer: Henrik Baumunk
Director: Richard Dahlmann
Creative Director: FLOSS
DoP: Philipp Henke
Edit: Genesis www.genesisfilms.at
1AC: Lucas Köppe
Gaffer: Luke Sullivan
Styling FLOSS: Ioanna Auschra
Styling Teens: Devon Kaylor
HMU FLOSS: Lisa Breitfeld
HMU Dancers & Extras & FLOSS pink Hair: Helena Narra
Setdesign: Diana Quach
Set assistance: Anais Cuvelier, Rahima Aziz Safi, Samira Prudentos
Styling Assistance: Pierre Roggenbuck
Setphotographer: Nick Strauss
Girls: Zoé @es.des.ef Nathalie @nathi.thai , Natalia @natalia.mrcznsk Anouk @anouk.crl Leo-Djinn @leo_djinn_mi
Dancers: Aurah Jendafaaq, Selina Sunday, Aaron Vazquez, Dmytro Grynov
Extras: Moritz „Bruder Busenschmus“ Schlüter, Ann-Christine Pilder, Weronika Rodowicz, Dennis Sanders, Eva Nitsch, MJ Noguera, Awa Cefalu, Belinda Kurras
Remix by Beebee Schmus
FLOSS LIKE A BOSS was written by FLOSS, Tim & Matteo and produced & mixed by Tim & Matteo, Vocal Recording by Valeska Rautenberg