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A T Wilkinson is a bi-coastal, Canadian, contemporary artist. His form pushes the boundaries of conventional categorization, being a purposeful admixture of Symbolism, Shock, Neo-Nouveau Réalisme, Abstraction, Pop art, and Culture jamming.

Many of his pieces are profound poetic critiques on contemporary experience and its over-glorification of sex, violence, artificiality, excused inequality and fetishistic consumerism. He implements allusion to create pure aesthetic experiences of the often unsaid, which is intended to rouse dormant, regularly unpleasant subconscious emotions to the fore; that we may come to appreciate them for what they are.

His works can be labeled as Objective-Simulacrum (substituting signs for “the real itself”), this while directing a vector to Truth as his muse. Often visited themes are the interaction of divergent ideologies and worlds: Institutional/high with outsider/low art, ultra luxury and fashion with gross poverty, media obsession with deep introspection, wickedness with innocence, beauty with ugliness. Aesthetically, he finds himself in the same school as Bacon and McQueen through how they evoked awe through the unsettling; but he also echo’s Klimt, Grosz, Etro and P. Dumas of Hermès fame, with how he jams visual data into every point/pixel per inch. As for process, his pieces are often intertextual, implementing collage, painting, illustration and digital form. Though in a global sense he has remained rather private until now, he is also an Author, Poet, Musician, Fashion influencer and burgeoning Public Intellectual. He holds a degree in Critical theory and Public Relations.

Instagram: @at_wilkinson

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