Focus on: Alex Terrón

Alex Terrón is an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Alex is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrations, zines, and more recently jewellery, Terrón is using his capacities at the maximum. We took some time to seat together and talk about Alex’s art and projects.

KALTBLUT: Hi Alex, tell us a little about your creative background, when did you first illustrating and what really pushed you to do so?
I was drawing since I was little, I used to draw a lot of manga of all the animes I was watching. I remember trying to copy the illustrations of my favourite manga covers during my all childhood. Then I studied graphic design at the university and I started to do more illustration, I met some friends that they were doing the same and we decided to do a collective, Guts. We started by doing fanzines and we end up doing a lot of different stuff like painting walls and we also did some festivals related to art too.

KALTBLUT: What medium/tools do you feel most comfortable with when creating your work?
Well, I would say brush marker and pencil. Lately, I’m doing handmade illustrations again and I really love to be away from computers sometimes. But using a combination of my drawing tablet and software Photoshop feels nice too, doing things digitally is very comfortable and you reach goals that you won’t get so easily by hand.

KALTBLUT: Your illustrations are so exquisite and very unique, what are your inspirations?
Thank you! I would say my biggest inspirations are personal experiences and places I had been. I just try to recreate them in my own way. And of course, the love for mangas is something you can see in my work too.

KALTBLUT: Your work is very stylish. How does fashion influence you?
Fashion is something that I always like. I’m very influenced by trends I think. Actually, I created last year a jewellery brand made on methacrylate, Axuar, it’s inspired by rave and queer culture. At the moment I’ve just done one collection with earrings, necklaces, and harnesses, but I want to release another one with more pieces soon.

KALTBLUT: Something I noticed in your work, you use all the space available on the paper in your illustrations, what do you think about white spaces?
I’m not a minimal person, more is more. I love to decorate everything in my illustrations, I enjoy so much designing patterns and drawing lines everywhere.

KALTBLUT: What is the message you want to get across to viewers of your work?
I love to see the public really digging into the work I put in my illustrations and looking for every single detail. I try to show my personal story in my illustrations: my love for electronic music and clubs, and all that aesthetic with a queer background is what you can find in my work. But I can’t say just one message, today I want to show one thing but tomorrow I want to show another one.

KALTBLUT: You’re based in Barcelona, how did COVID-19 impact you and your work?
It’s hard times for everyone. I consider myself a very social person, so with all these restrictions we are having for more than a year I feel tired and a bit desperate, but also, I totally understand that we need them to keep us safe and healthy. Hopefully, with the vaccine, we are going back to our normal life soon. About work, I see that companies are trying to save money as much they can for recovering from the economic crisis of COVID-19 so the budgets are lower and there is less work too.

KALTBLUT: Have any unexpected benefits come out of this situation for you? What do you wish
for the future?
All the time we were in quarantine I got a lot of free time so I took advantage to do personal projects. That’s when Axuar, the brand jewellery I have talked about before, was created. About myself, I think I became a more chill person in general.

What I wish for the future is back to normal life, that humanity became a more collaborative and respectful society in every meaning.

KALTBLUT: What is your ultimate goal?
Wow, that’s a huge question. I think is better to put short time goals, so in that way, I don’t get so much stress about it. Now I would love to get represented for my illustrations by an agency and, to go bigger with Axuar.


Instagram: @alexterron
Instagram: @axuar.project