Bocon, Year: 2017

Focus on: José Eduardo Sierra Vega

Separate, accept, overcome. It all started with a separation. We will not know who was the first to leave, but the result of this love affair left marks that reveal us the young photographer of Cartagena (Colombia), José Eduardo Sierra Vega.

Ovulating, 2015

Naked, in sometimes sulphurous positions that may shock the viewer for his transgression, José Sierra has linked his life to photography as therapy. He has externalized the demons of this lack of love as a force. Photography has allowed him to recover his self-esteem, but also to reflect on himself and his obscure and unconfessed desires.

Picha esoterica, Year: 2016

With a colorful scenery, natural light and details under control, José Eduardo paints nude portraits, in which the body becomes a stylised work of art. His body becomes an erotic sculpture. At a time when our most intimate desires are molded by the society in which we live, this young photographer strips himself away from prying eyes in his bathroom, intimate, confined and reassuring space with which he maintains a maternal relationship. The artist offers a haunting and obsessive creation, where the textures and the warmth of the skin echo to our own desires, almost wild.

Extension of defense, Year: 2017

Man-Object, Man-Animal, as in one of his last series entitled “Dream Foam”, José Eduardo Sierra Vega takes on the appearance of emblematic figures of a certain popular mythology. The creation, home-made with objects found at random, of these hybrid beings to the monstrous character reflect José Eduardo’s erotic identities between fetishism and sadomasochism. Kneeling, hiding, standing or sitting, each new series is a challenging erotic act.

Solapa, 2017

In his mini-lab, José Eduardo Sierra Vega begins to experience his heteroclite intimate relationships combining man-nature and man-culture.

Text by Séverine grosjean / / Instagram: @nomad_creative_projects / @Facebook

Untitled, 2016
Ovulating, 2015