Focus On: Pierre Voisin (Daily Minimal)

DAILY MINIMAL is an art blog dedicated to minimalism and geometry. Pierre is the man behind the blog. His main goal is to show all possibilities provided by the geometry by publishing a new project each day. Pierre find his  inspiration in science, nature, and the most common things of the life.


KALTBLUT: Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Pierre: My name is Pierre VOISIN and I’m 19 years old. I’m actually living in Paris, France. I also study chemistry since 2013. I create logos, album covers, and personalized projects for photographers, musicians and people from all around the world.

KALTBLUT: When did you start your blog : Daily Minimal?

Pierre: I started to create for DAILY MINIMAL on November 1, 2014. But this website isn’t my first art experience. I worked on an other blog called DELTA during 2 years.


KALTBLUT: And since then you’re posting everyday a new composition?

Pierre: When I started DAILY MINIMAL, my main objective was to post a new design every day. So since the beginning I try to create a new geometric design daily.

KALTBLUT: How many post do you have now?

Pierre: Now since the launch of my website I’ve created about 168 different designs.


KALTBLUT: How long do you spent on each graphic?

Pierre: I don’t count the time I spend on it each day but, once I found the idea, and drew it on a sheet of paper, I spend about 30 minutes to make it on a computer. Of course there are some designs that can take me more time to produce.


KALTBLUT: How did you come up with this idea?

Pierre: When I worked for my previous website, I was already fascinated by geometry and minimalism. But I wanted to add a new dimension to my work, I wanted to propose a new artwork each day. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to post a new composition every day, but I like challenges and that’s the reason why I wanted to work on this idea.


KALTBLUT: Why is geometry the centre of your work?

Pierre: Personally, I think geometry is the most beautiful way to communicate ideas and concepts. You can show everything you want simply and it is directly understandable by everyone. You don’t have to be an artist to understand what I want to show.


KALTBLUT: What is your favourite geometric form and why?

Pierre: Circles or hexagons are certainly my most liked forms because I can combine them with a lot of different patterns or shapes.


KALTBLUT: What inspires you the most?

Pierre: I find my ideas in math, science and music ! As I study chemistry, I’m also influenced by what I learn and see every day in class.


KALTLBUT: What is your approach to colour? Most of your creation are simply black…

Pierre: Yes, I think black is the perfect colour to beautify a design. It goes with every shapes and it is elegant and neutral. As I use a white background for my artworks, the black colour brings intensity and contrast. Sometimes I use colour like green or blue, but only for some kind of designs, like triangles and circles.


KALTBLUT: Have people ever told you that your website is a great inspiration for tattoos?

Pierre:  Yes, I receive a lot of message from people who want to use my designs as a tattoo or ask me if they can use them. I’ve already seen some pictures from people who use my designs for their tattoos, and I have to say that I’m really proud of this.


KALTBLUT: You live in Paris, what’s your favourite place in the capital?

Pierre: As a lot of artists, when I’m out of inspiration I like to visit museums like the Louvre Museum for the architecture and the Palais de Tokyo for its simplicity and neutral vibes. But I also really like to go to a restaurant called Quindici. It is the best place in Paris where you can eat Italian cooking.

Interview by Nicolas Simoneau