FOMME – Just lucky, I guess! Photography by Elizaveta Porodina

KALTBLUT presents FOMME! A fashion brand that meets the needs of the queer community, blurring the lines between what is considered masculine or feminine, giving to its male and female costumers gender fluid options, enabling them to express themselves freely. Photography by iconic artist Elizaveta Porodina. Model is Alexander Wolf.

Just lucky, I guess

You have reality, and then you have… VEGAS!

Come with us where everything is possible. Are you feeling lucky? So jump into your check suit, that is going to go perfectly with your poker face, but don´t forget to add a kinky twist – you want the dealer to know that you are ready for some Russian Roulette. You are going for a cocktail, in your metallic set. You pass through some ruffled curtains to watch the exotic snake dance show. But you need something more exciting, maybe a crazy party 70’s disco style or riding a mechanical bull with a bunch of hot cowboys? Either way, in sequins or in a rodeo suit, it’s not a game of chance to be fabulous – it’s a choice.

FOMME is a Berlin-based menswear brand founded by designer Sarah Effenberger. After finishing her MA degree at the University of the Arts Berlin in 2015, she launched her brand at the VOGUE Salon during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2016. The brand’s philosophy is to create a new interpretation of contemporary menswear. By blurring the lines between what is considered traditional men’s and women’s fashion, the designer combines elements of both with an unconventional approach. Juxtaposing classically tailored silhouettes with elegant fabrics and feminine details, the garments have a unique and luxurious quality. Drawing inspiration from family history and nostalgic references from the mid-20th Century, the collections reflect a time when elegance and refinement was still an important part of the daily dress. Sarah Effenberger transfers this wistful imagery into her designs and adds a playful and sensual shape to the modern world of men’s fashion.


Photography by Elizaveta Porodina

Model is Alexander Wolf