Foot Locker launches the NIKE Tuned (TN) Berlin as the third model in a TN series inspired by European communities.

#SneakerOfTheWeek! Foot Locker Europe launches the limited edition Nike Tuned (TN) Berlin as the third model in a series of Nike TN’s inspired by European metropolises, their cultural diversity and local communities.


The new TN Berlins stand for the iconic rave and rap scene of the big city, recognizable by the simple black design in contrast to the bright highlights on the inside of the shoes. At first glance, the look seems subtle and reserved, but on closer inspection, with its light blue, pink and cyan accents, it appears creative, versatile and profound – just like the young Berlin community itself. The design of the TN Berlins thus symbolizes the complex diversity and creativity of the local scene.

The Nike Tuned Berlin will be available from October 27th, 2022 in the Berlin Foot Locker stores on Alexanderplatz and Tauentzienstraße, and from November 3rd also in other stores throughout Europe.

The new TN is the third model that expresses Foot Locker’s connection, support and appreciation for local communities, which continue to shape sneaker culture to this day. As the successor to the TN Saint-Denis and TN Brixton, TN Berlin appeals to the multicultural community of the German capital. Berlin is unique. Berlin has corners and edges. Berlin can be gloomy, grey and dirty, but at the same time, it is honest, cosmopolitan and colourful like no other metropolis in Europe. With its unconventional design, the new Nike Tuned underlines the character of the local community and helps them to stand out from the crowd.

All photos by Foot Locker EU x Kane Holz 
This was created during a shoot in cooperation with the Berlin TN ambassador, photographer and content creator Kane Holz in the Anomalie Art Club