Forget the Flowers by Debora Spanhol

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Debora Spanhol, Model is Titi. Styling by Arkadiusz Swieton. Set design by Sandro de Mauro.

“When I started taking pictures I never thought I’d become a fashion photographer, life just put me on that path. Today, I express myself through my photography and I find it fascinating how each person has a unique interpretation of the work I do. That’s what I love the most about it. I hate it when I’m asked to explain a photo or editorial because it’s not meant to be explained.

This particular editorial existed in my mind for a couple of years now but I needed a very specific model, not only a beautiful curvy body, but more. And Titi was just perfect for it.” *Debora Spanhol

Photographer Debora Spanhol / instagram: @deboraspanhol
Stylist Arkadiusz Swieton / instagram: @arkadiuszswie
Model Titi / instagram: @nappychild
Set designer Sandro de Mauro / instagram: @sandrodemauro
Beauty Titi / instagram: @nappychild
Styling assistant Dominik Bittmann / instagram: @dombitt

Fashion by

Giuseppe Zanotti @giuseppezanotti / Playful Promises @playfulpromises / Prada @prada / Falke @falke / Jeffrey Campbell @jeffreycampbell / Carla Renee Loose @carlarenee_ / Gucci @gucci / Versace @versace / Act Series @act_series / Olivia Ballard @oliviaballardballard / Mykita @mykitaofficial / Givenchy @givenchyofficial / Hanna Englund Ceramics @hannaenglundceramics / Bottega Veneta /