Francesco Divine 

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Tomas Kalmus & Richard Krocil. Model is Francesco Scarpato. Based in the Czech Republic, Kalmus Krocil is formed by Tomas Kalmus, photographer and makeup artist and Richard Krocil, former ballet dancer.

“Our work blends Tomases technical knowledge with Richards’s several years of dance experience and a sense for movement and precise aesthetic to form a timeless art. Captivated by a beauty of a male form our work celebrates the entire male body without shame and without pretence.

We shoot on film both for its look and feel and for the slow precision it requires. All our work is hand printed by us to have full control of our creative process. Besides black and white and colour photograph, we have an interest in alternative photography prints. Specifically Cyanotype and Gum Bichromate, for their specific look and archival quality.”

Photography by Tomas Kalmus & Richard Krocil / / Instagram: @kalmus_krocil

Model is Francesco Scarpato / Instagram: @francybolle