Fresh Out Of The Oven: Le Fil – Nightlife

#VideoPremiere : Ahead of the upcoming performance of 24/7 LIVE at The Glory on November 16 2018, LE FIL unleashes the new self-directed music video for his electronic ballad Nightlife – the fifth song and title track from his latest EP produced with FRANKMUSIK. This pulsing, bittersweet song recounts one night stands, affairs and encounters with men found through dating apps like Grindr.

LE FIL is an independent British-Chinese pop artist and singer from Yorkshire, living and working in London. His current Nightlife EP features uplifting, euphoric songs like ‘24/7’ and ‘Genesis’ that fuse memorable melodies, powerful vocals and catchy hooks inside an electronic soundscape. QX Magazine describes the music as ‘a gorgeous, sensory kaleidoscope of sound’, while Attitude Magazine call him a ‘living, breathing pop sculpture’. Le Fil fuses his music with dance, performance art and a visionary aesthetic to deliver ‘pop gigs with extras’ that are altogether entertaining, subversive and thought provoking – leaving you gagging for more!

‘Like most young guys nowadays I used Grindr to meet people, but most of the experiences left me feeling quite empty. I seem to attract quite a lot of men that have hidden lives, the married ones or the guys with partners or secrets to hide, where our encounters become guilty secrets too. I wanted more. And at times, I guess I just felt used. I wrote Nightlife about this feeling of emptiness and wanting more than just a fleeting moment. It’s a song that really resonates with my fans, so I’m thrilled to finallgy release a video for it.’

For this video LE FIL posted an advert on his Grindr profile seeking participants for this part-social experiment, part-music video. There were many responses to which LE FIL selected the different men to work with. They all wore custom mirror masks to protect their identity giving them freedom to express themselves. The result is a tender and moving video that captures different men exploring intimacy and sensuality in this bedroom encounter.

LE FIL is an advocate of LGBTQ rights, gender fluidity and self-expression. He regularly performs with the LGBTQ venues, groups and artists such as Sink The Pink and Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and features in gender-related campaigns such as Selfridge’s groundbreaking gender utopia video ‘Agender’.  LE FIL is currently the face of Smirnoff’s #WeAreOpen campaign celebrating cultural diversity, queer nightlife and non-binary communities. In addition, Le Fil has partnered with Toyota for their #GoYourOwnWay project to produce a one-off pop music art spectacle and short documentary to celebrate self-expression and transformations.

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