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Friendship, and the pink triangle. By Shuwei Liu

Friendship, and the pink triangle. A photography project by Shanghai, China based photographer Shuwei Liu. “It’s only in certain periods and since the nineteenth century that life between men not only was tolerated but rigorously necessary: very simply, during war. And equally in prison camps” –  “Friendship as a way of life”—Michel Foucault

When Foucault was talking about “friendship”, he meant relationships between men needed to be re-invented. However after all these years maybe friendship would be the only word allowed to use, when referring homosexual relationship in some areas.  And I have the fear of what happened in history would happen again.This series of photographs were taken in March 2017, later on in May, gay men in Chechnya suffered in a whole new level, and in July China banned homosexual content.

So it’s just about fail, and fail again and again.


Photography: Shuwei Liu www.liushuwei.cominstagram.com/shuwei_liu

Styled by Shuwei Liu and Dre Romero with their personal pieces.

Make up by Regia Lu

Model: Lusky and Andrew Beasley