Frisson – A shiver of pleasure

Berber Theunissen is a Dutch artist, who can create some kind of safeguard through photography. Equipped with her Pentax 6×7, she captures the situations she has little grasp of, from moments, emotions till memories. This approach is placed directly next to her research and curiosity into ‘the other’. She reflect upon her own struggles by looking at how her friends and people who surround her cope with the same situations and emotions. Thanks to her camera she creates her own hold fast to view her life in an objective way.

berbertheunissen_kaltblut_001 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_002


“My never ending story, which I started in 2013, ‘Frisson; a shiver of pleasure’ is an ongoing quest for happiness. I focus my camera on all the things affecting me personally, all the things that I love, but also the things that make me vulnerable. I document the moments, feelings and memories in which these intense emotional situations were present or revolving around me.”

berbertheunissen_kaltblut_004 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_005 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_006 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_007 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_009 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_011 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_012 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_013 berbertheunissen_kaltblut_015