G-STAR RAW X SVEN MARQUARDT: A Visual Ode to Berlin’s Nightlife

Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW kicked off Berlin Art Week in style with a stunning collaboration that brought together the worlds of fashion, photography, and Berlin’s vibrant nightlife. Teaming up with renowned photographer and Berlin nightlife icon, Sven Marquardt, G-Star RAW presented a joint exhibition titled “11+1” at Voo Store Berlin last week.




This exhibition unveils a captivating series of twelve portraits that encapsulate the essence of Berlin’s distinctive club culture. Directed and creatively curated by Sven Marquardt himself, “11+1” captures the spirit, creativity, and diverse fashion styles that define the underground nightlife scene of the German capital.

Sven Marquardt’s unique perspective as a photographer, coupled with his deep understanding of Berlin’s vibe, makes the entire photo series a visual treat. Each of the twelve talents featured in the portraits represents a different personality and fashion style, showcasing the freedom and sheer vitality of Berlin’s underground scene.

As a pioneer in denim innovation and craftsmanship, G-Star RAW used its expertise to dress each talent in custom-tailored denim club couture, creating extraordinary denim masterpieces. The collection, consisting of twenty-six different styles, serves as a testament to both G-Star RAW’s creative versatility and the brand’s commitment to denim as a symbol of inclusivity and self-expression in fashion.

Gwenda van Vliet, Chief Marketing Officer of G-Star RAW, highlights the value of denim in club culture, stating, “At its core, club culture is about uninhibited self-expression without boundaries or rules. At G-Star, we believe denim is the perfect fabric to symbolize democracy in fashion. Our brand was born out of club culture in the 90s, and we believe it still holds great versatility, which is evident in how Sven managed to capture our twelve uniquely designed looks.”

Sven Marquardt, reflecting on his homage to Berlin’s club culture, expresses, “This is my homage to the club culture in Berlin. This is about emotion. It’s about togetherness. There are these moments of closeness that are so unique and special. And at the same time, so fleeting. That’s what inspires me. That’s the vibe that the images tell for me.”

“11+1” serves as a vibrant tribute to the ever-evolving zeitgeist of Berlin. Marquardt’s meticulous selection of talent, hailing from diverse backgrounds and professions, beautifully portrays the authentic nightlife of Berlin. The exhibition features eleven talents scouted from the streets, along with Clara Cuvé, an up-and-coming musician from the new generation of techno.

This collaboration between Sven Marquardt and G-Star RAW embodies a shared vision of creativity, authenticity, and pushing the boundaries of denim. The collection, which ranges in price from €249 to €699, will be exclusively available at Voo Store Berlin.

Immerse yourself in the electric energy of Berlin’s underground scene through the lens of Sven Marquardt and discover the unique fusion of fashion and nightlife that G-Star RAW and their custom denim creations bring to the table.

Hair and Makeup: @saskiakrause
Styling: @alexandergabriel_official
Assistant Photographer + Production Assistent: @streetmoments.nyc
Assistant Photographer: #janbehrendt
HM Assistant: @felixstoesser
Styling Assistant: @_f_l_o_w_w_w_


Talent: @leksi @clara_cuve @hellaschneider @ch.eva @onepalmclap @bastihan @aatypi @i_samja @exoceexiste @xxbbbxy @dominiik.heinrich #Samuel