Gala Dalí

“mostly with your blood, Gala, that I paint my pictures.”

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction & Styling by Alena Oklar. Photography by Aaron Farrelly. The model is Eunju Park signed at Milk Model Management. Make up by Naomi Hashida. Hairstyle by Shihori Ito. The lighting assistant is Kenneth Liew. “She was destined to be my Gradiva, the one who moves forward, my victory, my wife.”

“The story is inspired by the image of Gala Dalí, who was Salvador Dali’s wife and constant muse, the female figure that appears in Dali’s painting gives a clear reminder of Gala’s image. Not only impacting Salvador’s art, but Gala was also the muse for many surrealist artists of this time. A great representation of a strong, powerful woman, combining both artistic skills and a business mind. Gala had an enormous impact on the development of avant-garde art. “This mysterious, cultured woman, a gifted creator, colleague, and peer of poets and painters, lived her art and her life in an intensely literary manner. … [She was] Gala, an elegant and sophisticated woman, acutely aware of the image she wanted to project. Gala, the focal point of mythologies, paintings, sketches, engravings, photographs, and books. Gala Salvador Dalí.”

For this work we used some experiments with light and movement, to represent surrealism. The styling is inspired by feminine silhouettes that were common in the 1920s-30s, combined with heavy-weight fabrics like leather to represent Gala’s strong and independent female character, who was both femininely attractive and provocative, but distant and protective of her freedom.”

Art Direction & Styling by Alena Oklar / Instagram: @alenaoklar
Photography by Aaron Farrelly / Instagram: @aaronfarrellyphoto
Make up by Naomi Hashida / Instagram: @naomihashida
Hair style by Shihori Ito / Instagram: @shihori_ito
The lighting assistant is Kenneth Liew / Instagram: @kenliw
The model is Eunju Park signed at Milk Model Management / Instagram: @pezue @milkmodelmanagement

Fashion Brands used are: Anciela, Gyouree Kim, MM6 Maison Margiela, Falke, Acne Studios, Isa Boulder, Shek Leung, Amina Muaddi, Balenciaga, Vaquera, Gabriela Coll Garments, Situationist
Instagram name of each brand: @anciela_london (pr: @limitee_pr), @gyoureekim, @mm6maisonmargiela, @falke, @acnestudios, @isaboulder, @_shekleung (pr: @limitee_pr), @falke, @aminamuaddiofficial, @maisonmargiela, @balenciaga,, @gabrielacollgarments, @situationist_official