Gardens of God Top 5

One year ago, Sodai burst onto the electronic soundscape with fearless ‘River / Ghost’ from label boss Gardens of God. Renowned for delivering the highest quality with meticulously selected artists, the label has carved out a fresh sound and distinct style. To celebrate the first milestone, Gardens of God solidifies the integrity of the label with the profound ‘Maple EP’, due to be released 24th November. In the meantime, you can check out the Lithuanian-based producer’s Top 5 tracks below.

Volruptus – We’ll be Allright

“The autumn in Vilnius is dark and moody and those kinds of tracks reflect what I feel and see now. Light and melancholic chords are always welcome on my playlist but Volruptus made something more and special and I like it.”

Drexciya – Wavejumper

“It’s always nice to dig into new music, new trends, and stuff. But it’s nothing without looking a decade or few back to check how far we’ve gone, what good we’ve learned through those years. Context is everything.”

Ben Klock – Napoleon Hill

“A few years back I re-found ‘Subzero’ and started to play it in my gigs. It’s amazing how forward thinking music is as it still sounding great after a decade with no falling out from the mix in my set. Just a few days ago I remembered the A side of the EP which is even crazier!”

Voiski – Time As A River

“Deep, dark and dirty teasing all the way from beginning till the end. Six minutes is not enough of the track so you need to repeat it for a few times at least.”

Alex Krell – Parallel Seduction

“Great compromise between a monotonic percussive groove and lush melodies making it one of my favourites this past year. I’ve played the track in every set since the day I got it, so yeah, check it if you didn’t yet!”

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