Geld by STUDIO183

WE ARE IN LOVE with GELD!!! In collaboration with the designer Veronika Hopponen, STUDIO183 launch their very first inhouse collection. Presented at the STUDIO183 store located in East Berlin. A mustwear collection for all Berliners!

The collection is named GELD, the German translation for the word money. Money issues often restrict creatives to achieve their goals. Consumers often choose to buy fast fashion or hypebeast dominating brands, rather than support local designers. The collection is currently available in-store at STUDIO183 Brunnenstr. 183, 10119 Berlin

“The creatives that we meet on a daily basis all share the same problem. In today’s society, living as an aspiring artist with money restrictions is challenging. With the collection GELD we want to start a conversation around this topic and bring awareness to supporting fellow creatives. The garments are mainly repurposed from second-hand tailored and denim jackets, sourced from flea markets and charity stores in Berlin. The prints are hand screen-printed in a studio collective in Wedding. The result is a collection with less environmental impact that still maintains a strong design aesthetic, whilst ultimately using less money. GELD”

For the collection STUDIO183 worked together with filmmaker Mark Hunt and Patrick Tichy creating a fashion documentary film during the May Day demonstrations in Berlin. Filmed during the celebrations in the West Berlin neighbourhood Kreuzberg, the models move through the streets as their camera crew follows them dancing and interacting with each other. You see bold prints like “GELD”, “Berlin Sucks” and “I love your fake Gucci baby”. These prints are an ironic commentary on the current fashion scene. STUDIO183 wants to communicate that fashion should be inclusive and available to everyone.

“For the shoot we included STUDIO183 colleagues and friends. We wanted to present a variety of body types, ages, ethnicities and style. To underline that our message is about inclusivity and creative collaboration. The collection GELD will be presented at STUDIO183’s flagship location in a collaborative event alongside collective Sydney Wyatt; who will be screening their latest music video Swagie which was shot in-store at STUDIO183.”

STORE LOCATIONS: STUDIO183 Flagship Brunnenstrasse 183 10119 Berlin
STUDIO183 @ Bikini Berlin Budapester Strasse 46 10787

photos by Mark Hunt and Patrick Tichy