German fashion film “The Pulse of the Spirit” has received FFFK 2021 award “Best Fashion Story”

Fashion Film Festival Kyiv has been held in Ukraine for the fourth time. The festival unites fashion and filmmaking, as well as engages members of numerous creative industries in collaboration. The awards ceremony for winners has taken place at Mystetskiy Arsenal in Kyiv on 3rd September.

There were 380 applications from 55 countries sent to participate in this year’s festival. The films have been submitted for contest from all continents of the world except Antarctica.

This year the FFFK has been held as an international event for the first time.

There were 29 films from 13 countries selected for the festival`s shortlist by the jury:

–       Igor Stekolenko (Ukraine) – Ukrainian film director, co-founder BURO Creative Lab studio;
–       Nicolò Montanari (Great Britain) – Fashion film consultant, fashion and contemporary culture publicist, film festival strategist, co-founder of Berlin Fashion Film Festival;
–       Oleksiy Tarasov (Ukraine) – chief editor and host of NV Radio, columnist, film critic;
–       Pavlo Buryak (Ukraine) – film director, whose works were presented at international film festivals of France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany and Japan, creative producer, FFFK-2018 and FFFK-2019 winner;
–       Oleg Borshchevsky (Ukraine) – film director, screenwriter, member of European Film Academy, Ukrainian Film Academy and National photo artists` of Ukraine.

“The Pulse of the Spirit” (Germany) directed by Eicke Bettinga has received award FFFK 2021 “Best Fashion Story”.

Eicke Bettinga is an award-winning director, writer and photographer. He has made a wide range of acclaimed short films, commercials and television dramas. His work has been internationally broadcasted and presented at numerous film festivals – including three invitations to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival where he was nominated for the Golden Palm.

The film tells a story about Brian, a 49 years old retail marketer, who is an aspiring mountaineer, and his son Phil. “The Pulse of the Spirit” is filled with humor and irony.

FILM.UA and Ukrainian Fashion Week are organizers of the festival. The Ukrainian State Film Agency is supporting the festival.