A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and creative direction by Jacky Varlet. Models are Atiifiia, Ben West, Matteo Rizzuto. Hair & Makeup by Ai Hayano. Styling by Sakino Riba. Brands are Riba and Pascal Marie Desmarais.

“My name is Jacky Varlet, I am based between Paris and Tokyo. After living a year in Tokyo I rediscovered what photography means to me. I started to take nudes and I loved it. Then just like living in Tokyo was a dream, I realised I really enjoyed to represent the unreal in my photos. It’s blurred, it tells stories, It’s me and the people watching back to childhood when making the difference between reality and dream was not important. Photography is my tool to dream, and I want the people watching my photos to dream with me.
Regarding the photo shoot, I made it near Tokyo with my friends. This kind of place is called in Japanese a Haikyo. It is a building, often abandoned for decades, where nobody dares to set foot anymore. It is said that this kind of place is haunted by the Bakemono, the spirits and ghosts of the people who died there. This is why these places are not destroyed, for fear of upsetting the evil spirits and attracting the wrath of disgruntled Bakemono. This photoshoot is a homage to the Japanese folklore, so rich, powerful and respected even today by Japanese people.”

Photography and creative direction by Jacky Varlet /
Instagram: @jackyrv
Models are Atiifiia / instagram: @atiifiia
Ben West / Instagram: @benn_west
Matteo Rizzuto / instagram: @matteorizzuto
Hair & Makeup by Ai Hayano / instagram: @ai.19
Style by Sakino Riba / instagram: @ribabygtfustudio

Brands are @ribabygtfustudio and @pascalmariedesmarais