A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Curls. Styling by Molly Peachey-Pape & Vero Jacobs. Models are Ahlam & Amani. “Girasoles” is a visual exploration of the relationship of two sisters, twin sisters and the bond they have with each other. Barcelona locals, Ahlam and Amani have a relationship based on trust, and fluid communication. This story focuses on touch, juxtaposition, symmetry and asymmetry.

“Girasoles”, translates to sunflowers in Spanish. The inspiration behind this series is drawn from flowers and nature. This topic was chosen as these elements have repeatedly showcased its uniqueness and individuality in all its forms; that is reflected in the individuality of human beings.

Nothing is identical, yet in similarity you can discover the beauty of difference.

Photography by Curls / / Instagram: @shotbycurls
Styling by Molly Peachey-Pape & Vero Jacobs / / @mollypeacheypape @verojacobs /
Models are Ahlam & Amani / Instagram: @ahlammeddane @itsamanich

@kriziarobustella / @talkunderlight / @la_comune_vintage / @julialagopujol / @prada