Glam Rock Is Back on the Menu! Royal Sugar’s Glittering New Video Is an Incredible Retro-Inspired Piece

Meet the future of rock ’n’ roll: Nashville’s Royal Sugar. This glam group is the most exciting new band to emerge on the scene, combining elements of ‘70s and ‘80s nostalgia with a modern pop twist. Their unique sound and energetic performances have captivated audiences worldwide. Royal Sugar channels the rawness of Def Leppard and the swaggering flamboyance of Jim Morrison.

Their stage presence is electrifying, captivating audiences from the moment they step on stage. Tyler Cohenour, the charismatic frontman, commands attention with his powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence. His energy is undeniable, leaving the crowd wanting more. Garrett Carr, the talented bassist and vocalist, provides the perfect complement to Cohenour’s vocals. His bass lines are the backbone of Royal Sugar‘s sound, adding depth and groove to their music. Carr’s harmonies and backing vocals enhance the band’s overall sound, creating a rich and dynamic listening experience. Their music is a refreshing blend of classic rock influences and contemporary pop sensibilities. Songs are catchy and in your face, with memorable hooks and unapologetic lyrics. The band’s ability to bridge the gap between nostalgia and modernity sets them apart from other emerging artists.

The band came together in the fall of 2021, a product of pandemic isolation and a new desire to make things happen. Cohenour and Carr ended up being separated for nearly two years during this time; Cohenour had an immune disorder and decided to move back to Florida when COVID-19 hit. Even with a harrowing pandemic as the backdrop, the two kept themselves productive by writing together and covering their favourite songs over Skype.

They made their debut that same year by doing a cover of Harry Styles’ “Medicine.” In July 2022, they premiered “California Nightmare” as their first original song. They position themselves firmly in rock’s future with this shimmering fusion of the past and the present. When Cohenour returned to Nashville, it was also the first song they were able to write in person. 

They recently unleashed their single, “Heels”. With their iconic sound and luxurious style, they take us on a heavenly journey with their unapologetic embrace of sonic freedom, flamboyant fashion, and larger-than-life personalities. Let’s dive into the glitzy and audacious realm of glam rock with the guys at Royal Sugar! Glam rock is a genre widely known for its excess and remarkable expression. Royal Sugar turns all these things to eleven! With ripping guitars, and hypnotic vocals, creating a realm where the past and future collide. “It’s a playful song that signifies our love affair with glam rock,” said Tyler Cohenour, the frontman for Royal Sugar. “And, of course, there’s the age-old dilemma: which pair of heels are we going to wear on a daily basis? It’s always a tough decision,” laughed Cohenour. 

The true highlight of this ordeal is the cinematic-style music video accompanying “Heels”. With a campy, retro-futuristic landscape it perfectly displays the duo’s personalities. It features a car very similar to a DMC DeLorean (a clear reference to Back to the Future) and with a plot reminiscent of Bill & Ted mixed with colours oddly familiar to Total Recall (Remember Mars?) Tyler and Garrett have managed to create a literal time capsule. I can easily see these guys standing side by side with glam rock giants such as Motley Crue, Geordie, The Who, and Skyhooks. 

Thanks to their authenticity, they have gained millions of streams and fans on social media. These are unique gems that shine brilliantly in a world where authenticity is becoming harder to come by. Their friendship and love of music are the bedrock upon which their success has been built. Royal Sugar is at a turning point with “Heels.” Where they’ve harnessed the essence of their musical identity and visual aesthetic to create a world that’s uniquely their own. Get ready to immerse yourself in the buoyant world they’ve created. Where music and fashion collide in this amazing explosion of originality and creativity.