A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and photo series. GLOMAR manifests as an exploration into the end of the future; where the air has become toxic and our addiction to technology is the only thing keeping us going. Highlighting the disconnection between our perceived reality and our actual environment, this virtual blindness is an interrogation of our societal collapse that is nearing. This project asks the question of what role nature and technology will play in the following eras to come as the climate crisis begins to impact every part of the planet. In doing so, the future is presented not as some techno-utopia, but rather as a purgatory to an end of civilisation that is already here.

Creative direction and photography by Ryan Blackwell @ryblackwell_
Cinematography by Nastassia Winge @nastassiaw
Styled by Jolin Tung @jolintung
Fashion assistant Eve Bowden
Makeup Lara Nasamu @ffyyoobb
Hair by Alberto Papparotto @alberto.papparotto
Sound by Tarun Spoon @taruntspoon
Music by Modern Biology
Production by Beyond Photography @beyondphotographyy

Model is Gartruche @gartruche signed at iDAL

FASHION by Freyja Newsome @mvudslyde / Jie Hu @jiiehhuu_ / Rika Kim @lickrika / Tamara Frances Djandash @tamara_djandash