Glory by Ryan Barhaug

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Ryan Barhaug is an editorial photographer from Chicago, IL. Barhaug goal is to bring a new aesthetic to the forefront of Chicago photography. The fashion industry is very commercial and Barhaug just wants to be involved in something different and less cookie cutter. Glory is a collaboration between Ryan Barhaug, model Lawrence Nesbitt, makeup artist Tanya Renelt, and stylist Kj Johnson using brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Acne, OffWhite, Zara & Gucci.

“This shoot is meant to show how we should take pride in our differences and celebrate what makes us individuals. It’s about self-love and confidence in the way you present yourself to the world.”

Team Credits:
Photography by
Ryan Barhaug
Instagram: @kvnty
Model is Lawrence Nesbitt signed at 10 Management
Instagram: @everydaylawrence
Make up by Tanya Renelt
Instagram: @tanyareneltartistry
Styling by KJ Johnson /
Instagram: @panache.__