Going Underground: DKA Records

Created in 2012, DKA is a record label, club night and concert series. They are Atlanta-based musicians and DJs celebrating classic, new, and rare hard-to-classify music that indulge in varied influences such post-punk, goth, EBM, minimal, and industrial.  With their debut compilation, “Strategies Against The Body: A Contemporary Survey”, we see a 7 track overview and celebration of the dramatic resurgence of industrial music and culture that has been sweeping the globe the past few years. Together, the artists featured on this compilation present an incisive look at the depth and span of the genre while also moving the form forward into bold new shapes.

Touching on filthy synthpunk, expansive pop, primitive Body Music and clattering techno, this compilation is exclusively composed of previously unreleased music from High-Functioning Flesh, Tannhäuser Gate, RedRedRed, Xander Harris, DVA Damas, and DKA’s own Tifaret and TWINS, this release captures the essence of the current chapter the industrial/synth scene while also promising tantalizing hints at the shape of industrial to come.

DKA also offer beautiful limited edition cassettes with printed artwork – see below for some of our favourites!