Golden boy by Ciaran Christopher

Ciaran C. is a London-based photographer and art director. Combining aspects of motion and photography he captures visions of the world in a bold yet delicate manner, always framing the story matter in an empowering and tender way. His work focuses on issues surrounding black and PoC groups and individuals. More widely his work is an exploration and reflection of blackness, identity, and queerness.

Golden boy / Arisen Power
An exploration on the reclaimation of self-autonmy and power. Following themes on power, regality, personal transformation and transcendence are weaved throughout. The Emperor’s son sits atop a stark, barren mountain, a sign of sterility of regulation, and unyielding power, yet discpline to the path chosen. Embracing his evolution towards his highest calling.

Photography Ciaran C.
Instagram: @ciaran.christopher
MUA Bryanna Angel
Instagram: @bryanna_angel_mua
Styling J.T.
Instagram: @Jt._stylez
Model Ceejay @PRM
Instagram: @ceejay_ilo
Special thanks to Daniella for casting
Instagram: @d___anni_