Gone Fishing by Hoi Ling Wong

Hoi Ling Wong is a photographer currently living in Amsterdam. “The concept for Gone Fishing came to me as a response to lockdown and for the first time in my life being restricted on where I could go and who I could see. Forcing us to go more inwards, with feelings of isolation and in most cases only finding connections online whether it is through social media or escaping reality through Netflix. This was a way of combating these feelings by going off-grid and saying to the world “I’m gone fishing”. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Getting away from the humdrum, routine of life and doing something spontaneous!
“I’ve worked hard all week and I need a break, so if anyone asks, I’m gone fishing.”

Photography and Concept by Hoi Ling Wong / www.hoilingwong.com / Instagram: @vivianhoilingwong
Model is Eline Kusters signed at Touche Models / Instagram: @elinekusters_
Make up by Juliette Buisman / www.juliettedufromage.com / Instagram: @juliettedufromagemuah
Styling by Hester Arends /www.hesterarends.com/ Instagram @hesterarends
Set Design by Roos Minten / Instagram @roosminten

Brands are Makeover Factory, Zipper, Revalue, Amber Willemztijn, Episode, Hunter