GRAU´s Sun Home: Illuminating Timelessness with Nature’s Design

Dive into the luminous embrace of Sun Home—the artful blend of nature and design manifesting as a light sculpture. Crafted from exquisite ash wood and crowned with mouth-blown glass, each piece sings a unique song of the forest with its own distinct wood grain narrative.

These German woodlands-friendly creations are not merely lighting fixtures; they’re a trajectory towards timelessness, embracing the ageing process with as much grace as the human form it echoes. When twilight calls, Sun Home answers with a 360-degree spectrum of Sunset Dimming—a light so vast and tranquil, that it invites a dance of shadows and tranquillity into your sacred space.

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In a world where each choice leaves its mark, GRAU extends the roots of sustainability with a heartfelt vow: with every piece of Sun Home cradled into new hands, a tree shall rise—a testament to the harmonious give-and-take with our planet.

The creators, Timon and Melchior Grau helming the creative odyssey at GRAU channel their vision through the human silhouette: “Sun Home is our ode to the human form, an emblem sculpted in the light and shadow.”

The ash wood undergoes a metamorphosis of milling and meticulous sanding, emerging as smooth to the touch as the dimming twilight. Each Sun Home tells its tale, marked with a lasered signature of authenticity.

As the luminescence of Sun Home washes over you, a tender caress for the senses, the ambient light fostering melatonin whispers the hymn of repose. And within the glass forged from breath and passion—a tactile frost, a touch reminiscent of nature’s early dew.

Perched upon this serene sentinel of light, an elegant Sunset Button adorns, clad in aluminium with a durable powder skin surface, waiting to unleash the dusk at your fingertips.

Sun Home—where design meets the diurnal cycle, a piece that doesn’t only illuminate spaces but celebrates the very essence of being and the passage of time.