Happy Sock’s new collection is Pretty Ugly!

Spreading #HappinessEverywhere is Happy Socks’ motto. And I love the Swedish brand for it. I always have. And especially in the dark times, we are currently living in, it is super important to also see the beautiful. Happy Socks always puts a smile on my face. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to the new Happy Socks collection: Pretty Ugly. 

The new collection offers cosy socks with fluffy yarn, funny socks with plastic chairs, poodles, lava lamps and everything in between. With its Pretty Ugly line, Happy Socks invites you to question conventional notions of beauty and delve into the wild realm of ugly fashion.

A collection that intends to break all the rules of the fashion industry, with proposals where the “dress-for-yourself” spirit comes to life. All items were designed for those who like to express themselves through colour and creativity and give wings to their imagination.


As always, Happy Socks has its finger on the pulse with the new collection. The new collection is designed for the whole family, where comfort and durability are combined with quality design.

Butter yellow, magenta and green are some of the strong colours of the season that help to value (even more) the strange and “outdated”. As we all know, fashion can be pretty, pretty ugly. And I LOVE IT!!!


Check out the new Happy Socks designs and expand your definition of what socks can be and let us know what pretty ugly means to you!