HAUTE KUKI & Die Markise presents: COLD FIRE

The Berlin based art and jewelry brand HAUTE KUKI & Die Markise teamed up with photographer Francisco Barrachina for this amazing shooting: COLD FIRE! Model Carolin Rähmer is wearing items from the upcoming 2016 collection. Hair & Make Up by Elvin Esen. Styling by Kata van Geem. Set design by Gorka Maeztu. The art and gift label “HAUTE KUKI” was founded in November 2011 in Berlin, working with harmony of colours, using acrylics, raisin and glass in a typical Berlin style. In 2012 the Label “Die Markise”, recently founded, and specialist for trendy vintage jewel forms met “Haute Kuki” and the two decided to share their production secrets. So each label developed new amazing unique pieces and permitted each other to produce the other´s items as well. In November 2013 “HAUTE KUKI BERLIN” transformed into “HAUTE KUKI & DIE MARKISE”. The result is that many girls and boys from Berlin and all over the world own and wear that “Kunst to Go”. This formula of working has been very successfull and so there will be many new treasures developed by “HAUTE KUKI & Die Markise”.

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Jewelry HAUTE KUKI & Die Markise www.hautekukidiemarkise.de / @Facebook
Photography: Francisco Barrachina
Hair & Make Up: Elvin Esen
Model: Carolin Rähmer
Stylist: Kata van Geem
Set Design: Gorka Maeztu