Introducing designer Nadia Maria Marino, who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2022, is a German-Italian Designer specialising in Knitwear and Leather. Photography by Daniele Fummo. The model is Liv Packard. Art Direction by Edward James Lee. Styling by Paolo Zagoreo. Hair & Make up by Lou Box.

The created garments are sustainable and consist of natural fibres and materials. Furthermore, the leather pieces are made of production offcuts with a no-waste pattern design. The work is characterized by non-seasonal collections based on hand-crochet, hand-knitted and upcycled pieces.


I miss my country.
My life there, the air and the colour of the ground.
I long for the person I was back then.
I was barely 16 when my parents decided to marry me off.
The spoken sentences merged into an abstract, indefinable
mosaique. All I heard were words like Germany,
work, money….

I am stuck between two people, between two worlds,
between Germany and Sicily.
I dream about a Life where I could have stayed in my
hometown and not being a foreigner, a stranger.
I miss the smell of the dry almonds.
I miss the scent of the oranges sun.
I miss the taste of the olives.
I miss the sand on my skin.
I miss my home Sicily.

Heimweh is the German expression for homesickness.

Missing your home while abroad can merge into an indefinable obsession, a form of nostalgia that puts you in a severe numbness.

The Collection is an ode to Sicily and its scents, flavours, colours and people. A poem that consists of smaller and larger phrases which all have the same heartbeat. The collection is made of upcycled pieces, as well as leather offcuts/production leftovers and sustainable cotton and wool.

Fashion by Nadia Maria Marino @nadiamarino__

Photography by Daniele Fummo @daniele_fummo

Model is Liv Packard signed @chaptermgmt LONDON @livpackard

Art Direction by Edward James Lee: @edwardjameslee

Styling by Paolo Zagoreo @paolozagoreo

Hair & Make up by Lou Box: @louboxy