Here I Dream by Alexander Hoyles

‘Here I Dream’ is the first iteration of an ongoing project that aims to explore identity and self-presentation as a form of performance; featuring and collaborating with young creatives in Glasgow/Scotland, photographer Alexander Hoyles works to create constructed tableau-like scenes, in which the models’ own personal tastes and aesthetic identity are focused to create a sort of hyperreal avatar of themselves.

“We find ourselves in a time when online re/presentation of self has become more important and potentially more honest than ever before, but also one in which there is more acceptance and support for playful exploration and fluidity within that.”

Photography and Set Design by Alexander Hoyles /
Instagram: @alexander_hoyles
Styling by Jack Shanks
Instagram: @cantdressforshit
Makeup by Nikole Migl
Instagram: @nikolemigl

Floristry by Louise McWilliams /
Instagram: @catkinstudio

Set Design Assist by Heida Senkute / Instagram: @wholesomeflesh_
Photography Assist by Mark Shields / /
Instagram: @mark_shields_photography

Models are / 
Charlie Lock / Instagram: @charlielockk
Heida Senkute signed at Another Kind Casting / Instagram: @wholesomeflesh_
Jack Martin / Instagram: @jack_martyr

Location Assist by Greta Kalva / Instagram: @greta_kalva
Location provided by Basement 49 Glasgow / Instagram: @basement49

Brands are Christopher Reid, Franz Maggs Couture, Leopoldine, Les Boys Les Girls, Miu Miu, Simone Roche X H&M, Underground, Weekday, Zara.