‘Here She Lies, Sir’ – A performance by Mario Leko

May I introduce you to one of the best performances I have ever seen?! HERE SHE LIES, SIR is a location theatre project, based on three death scenes extracted from three different Shakespeare plays. As main part of his master project at Toneelacademie in Maastricht, Mario Leko, a Croatian theatre maker, started of his investigation in female representation in fine arts, as well in theatre. Thx to Fashionclash Maastricht for introducing us to the wonderful world of Mario Leko.

More specific Leko puts his focus on the 19th century romantic vision on women, like we find in pre-Raphaelite paintings of Sir John Everett Millais and his famous representation of Ophelia.
The project HSLS gathers three charismatic performers, actress Darya Gantura as Ophelia, dancer Marie De Corte as Lady Macbeth and singer Juriji der Klee as Thaisa. These three women although deprived of their stories, still try to reenact their character’s destinies. Posing a question to the audience; does the source of melancholia still survives in more contemporary forms?

Supported by a four men choir from Antwerp based theatre organization kunstZ, audience is invited in seemingly non-theatrical spaces to join this audiovisual experience. On the crossover of dance, physical theatre, art installation and happening, theatrical images take the lead. Every new location informs and shapes the outcome of this performance.


Director: Mario Leko www.instagram.com/belomleko
With: Darya Gantura, Marie De Corte, Juriji der Klee
Male choir: Rasim Asan, Daniel Djissenou, Jecsan Jimenez, Khalid Koujili

Sound design & music: Patrick Housen
Scenography: Simon Vanheukelom & Mario Leko
Costum design: Lies Maréchal
Production: Freija Bosmans
Camera & editing: Geoffrey De Decker

Photography: Mario Leko

Graphic design: Lana Cavar (Clanada)

For booking contact freija.bosmans@kunstz.be

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