HERIDA by David S. Cardona

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional (subjective) experience. Photographer David S. Cardona captured Mailen Melero for a KALTBLUT exclusive story. Far from fashion, the project “HERIDA” is a story of pain and planet issues regarding those memories that shape us as a person but that many times make it impossible for us to develop as such.

Are there eternal wounds? If we are the product of our experiences, what happens when a memory is a faithful lover of pain, does pain become part of ourselves? How to forget that cold night far from any recipient of my cries for help, the sensation of heat left in its wake by the river of blood that snaked my crotch, how I clung to the incredulous image of a genuine utopian world while it was stripped away. of my innocence. That demon dwells in me, it is called “WOUND”

Photographer: David S. Cardona / @dacefer
Model: Mailen Melero / @_mambo_sun_
Photographer assistant: Nacho G. Lozano / @nachogiacosa